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Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) is an organization with a commitment to promote women's economic empowerment and gender equality. 

Our Mission

Workplace Gender Equality is A Journey

We are committed to encouraging businesses to play an optimal role in promoting gender equality in the workplace and increasing women's economic empowerment.

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Our Program

At IBCWE, fostering gender equality in the workplace is at the forefront of our initiatives. Our program is designed to raise awareness, amplify women's participation in the workforce, and guide Indonesian companies toward adopting policies and business practices that champion gender equality. This extends to decision-making in business partnerships and procurement of goods and services.

To realize these aspirations, IBCWE employs a three-pronged approach:

Our focus is on understanding and enhancing women's empowerment, identifying key factors for their advancement, including the dynamics of societal norms and gender equality. We aim to encourage positive change in the workplace and society.

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Company Practices
These narratives showcase real achievements, demonstrating how our company member’s practices have positively impacted employees and elevated the organization. Every story reflects our commitment to a workplace that thrives on equality, empowerment, and inclusion.

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We're dedicated to keeping you abreast of the issues that matter and empowering you with knowledge for positive change. Our latest updates cover workplace gender equality situations as well as in-depth features on women's career development and social norms in Indonesia.

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Reporting Toolkit
We are working on summarizing various comprehensive toolkits to help companies effectively use gender framework indicators for their corporate reporting standards.

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Business Case
Witness the compelling evidence showcasing how a diverse and inclusive workplace at all levels provides your company with a competitive edge and substantial business benefits.

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