Gender Equality Assessment, Results, Strategies (GEARS)

Your diagnostic tool to unlock gender equality within your organization.

GEARS (Gender Equality Assessment, Results, Strategies) was developed as a resource for companies to understand gaps, opportunities, and strengths of their current strategies in relation to Workplace Gender Equality.

  • It is a step in your WGE journey – a light touch assessment that provides insights that will inform the development of your overarching WGE strategy.
  • The analysis will allow your company to reflect on your gender balance and employee movements across the organization.
  • Assess your policies and implementation against leading practice.
  • Validate policies, strategies, and implementation through an employee perception survey.

10 Focus Areas

  • Strategic alignment of gender equality and business priorities
  • Leadership and accountability
  • Gender-pay equity
  • Gender composition of the workforce
  • Mainstreaming flexible work for performance and support 
  • Preventing and addressing gender-based harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence
  • Professional development, mentoring, sponsorship
  • Recruitment, selection, and promotion
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Workplace gender equality training
  • Andrie Darusman
    From the GEARS assessment, we learned that providing gender equal opportunity only is not enough. We need to be more understanding on the different needs of women and men for them to be in their best performance. It is now our passion to be recognized as a gender equal company.
    Andrie Darusman
    Executive Vice President, Communication & Head of DAYA, PT Bank BTPN Tbk
  • Melanie Masriel
    L’Oréal Indonesia is one of the companies that have taken the GEARS assessment. In terms of results, there are 10 focus areas in this assessment, and we are glad to know that we reached a perfect score in 5 focus areas. Thanks to this assessment, now we are aware of which focus areas to be improved.
    Melanie Masriel
    Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability Directors, L’Oréal Indonesia
  • Risa Effennita Rustam
    GEARS results revealed that IDX has already implemented gender equality programs in the workplace in terms of HR related policies such as hiring, training, career, development and salaries. We are pleased that we are on the right track.
    Risa Effennita Rustam
    Director of Finance and Human Resources, Indonesia Stock Exchange

Employee Perception Survey

Provides deep insights into your corporate culture's inclusivity.

This survey goes beyond perception – it quantifies your WGE progress, offering a clear snapshot of your current state. It does not stop there; it assesses the path forward, guiding your organization along the journey to enhanced WGE maturity. 

Our Employee Perception Survey is your key to:

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Pinpoint areas where your company excels and areas that need improvement in WGE.
  • Reviewing Maturity Levels: Evaluate the maturity of your WGE processes, policies, and programs.
  • Gathering Employee Feedback: Harness the invaluable perspectives of your employees.
  • Opportunities for Improvement: Discover areas where your organization can grow and evolve.
  • Drive Change: Access WGE tactics that can propel your organization towards greater maturity.